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Book your seats for Disney's Beauty and the Beast Jr. & Willy Wonka Kids!

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Caleb | Intern

"My experience as a Mind Steward intern was priceless. The level of commitment Joanne Link and the entire staff put into every aspect of production is to be praised. I had the chance to hone my skills in numerous areas, from directing to social media management. It's an opportunity that all high schoolers should take advantage of, because no matter what you’re interested in, a Mind Steward internship has something for you.” 

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Maria | Parent

“My daughter goes to a school camp every day for a month, but we always end that one early so she can go to Mind Steward’s camp. This is our priority during summer.”

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Sarah | Parent

“I knew I wanted music lessons for [my 4-year-old daughter], and it [is] important to start early. There are very few teachers willing to teach students that young, because you’re not teaching them music, you’re motivating them to want to learn. A teacher that is able to teach very young students music is rare, and Joanne is one of those rare music teachers that can do that.” 

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Our 2-week Arts Summer Camp combines fun and educational “majors” and “electives” into a 30-minute musical theater production.  


Show Production | Education Design | Music Art Science

About Mind Steward

Mind Steward has been a presence in Central Pennsylvania for 10 years and continues to steward people's minds throughout the tri-state area.  Our revolutionary Mindsteward Kids Theater program has attracted students and faculty from around the country.  We are opening up new programming in Manahawkin, NJ and looking forward to collaborating with arts professionals to steward the minds of the up and coming generations with arts education.

To join our team furnish your resume, headshot, and overview of your expertise to

We design positions based on the expertise within our cohort.  Show us what you've got!

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