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Scottish Rite Auditorium and Ballroom, Harrisburg, PA

  • Visual Artist Mindsteward Kids Theater Camp

  • Onstage Performer Mindsteward Kids Theater Camp

  • Backstage Crew Mindsteward Kids Theater Camp

  • Robotic Engineer Mindsteward Kids Theater Camp 


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Our 2-week Arts Summer Camp combines fun and educational “majors” and “electives” into a 30-minute musical theater production.  

 The Mind Steward team creatively weaves every class into the musical theater production. Robotics creations are projected onstage as characters, gymnastics students catapult onto the scene as animals, instrumental music students play in the orchestra, and the list goes on.  

This year’s production is Willy Wonka Kids, and we can’t wait sweeten up your summer with learning that is so fun, summer mind slump and screen time gets kicked to the curb!  Our campers have so much fun!



The following electives will be available to customize your schedule.  Learn the theater from all angles and become a micro technician with macro vision! 

  • Theater Arts Backstage Classes 

    • Campers will learn how to make the behind the scenes technical aspect work to make the show come to life. Lighting, special effects, sound, and scene movement.

    • NEW: Playwriting

  • Robotics Classes 

    • Campers will design and build a robot to play a character in the musical theater production.

  • Visual Arts Classes

    • Campers will be involved in designing the set and props needed to help bring this show to life.  Many different crafts will be used to achieve this. Examples: sculpture, origami, painting, fluid art, sticker art, button pin making.

  • Instrumental Music Classes

    • Ukulele, Percussion, Suzuki Strings

  • Sport Classes

    • Pickleball, Baseball, Softball, and Gymnastics

  • Board Game Classes

    • Board Games and Chess

    • Board Game Design

  • Onstage Classes: 

    • Improvisation, character development, blocking, animal behaviors

    • NEW: accents, voice overs

    • Dance: Jazz, Ballet, Acro, Theater Dance

  • Engineering/Architecture Classes:

    • Lego, wood blocks, robotics, set building

  • Culinary Arts Classes

    • NEW: Candy Making, candy design, baking, cake decorating

Elective Offerings are subject to change with visiting artist teaching availability. 

Camp Dates: 

June 19 – June 30, 2023

8:30 am - 2:50 pm  

10 days of camp including two 11am morning shows (part of camp day) and two 7pm evening shows 

64 hours of instructional time over two weeks



Scottish Rite Ballrooms, classrooms, and auditorium

2701 N 3rd St, Harrisburg, PA 17110



June 29th & June 30th

11 am & 7 pm (6pm call time)



Before and After Care

Before care (7am<) and After Care (<5pm) times available with enrichment sold separately.

Due to high demand for our camp we are upgrading our systems and should have registration open shortly. 

Have a musical day!