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Sample Schedules


One student taking viola lessons:

2:45 Arrive

2:50 Technology Station in Rhythm or Note Reading

3:00 Violin Lesson

3:30 Pack up to leave

One student taking piano and violin:

1:45 PM Arrive

1:50 PM Rhythm Training at the Tech Station

2:00 PM Violin Lesson (parent attends)

2:30 PM Technology Station Music Games or Composition at the Tech Station

2:40 PM Water/Snack Break

2:45 PM Piano Lesson (parent does not attend but is welcome)

3:15 PM Lessons conclude


Two Students, brother taking piano and sister taking violin

1:45 PM The Smith Family arrives with brother and sister

1:50 PM Sister begins Rhythm Training at the Tech Station

2:00 PM Sister's Viola Lesson Begins (parent attends)

2:05 PM Brother's Rhythm Training at the Tech Station

2:15 PM Brother's Piano Lesson Begins (parent does not attend but is welcome)

2:30 PM Sister's Viola Lesson Ends

2:45 PM Brother's Piano Lesson Ends

Is the lesson time you need sold out?

If you are unable to register for a needed lesson time, please request to be added to our waiting list at mindsteward@gmail.com

TELEPHONE | 717.343.3569

EMAIL | mindsteward@gmail.com 

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