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Liz Dalenberg

COO, Mindsteward Classic Show Producer

I have been apart of Musical Theatre since I was a kid. Having been on the stage and then finding my true love in behind the scenes. I have managed many stages and shows from my education career and Mind Steward. I assisted manage my first stage when I was a freshman in high school eventually taking over the full reins by the time I was a senior. I continued to manage stages as my extra curricular activity as an educator. 

I have a BS and MS in Inclusive Education and Special Education with a concentration in Biology. I have teaching licenses in NY and NJ. I love working with children. I was a Special Education Science teacher for 14 years before I stepped away to have my miracle son. 

I truly believe that everyone has a gift and should be given the opportunity of arts education. I love the vision of Mind Steward to provide that to every member of the family and community. I have seen first hand the impact of Arts Education on the students I have taught and the campers at Mind Steward. This is an experience of a lifetime that touches the heart, mind and gifts of all. 

Liz Dalenberg
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