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Naomi Link

Assistant Manager, Intern

Hey Guys! I am Naomi Link. I am a competitive dancer. I love working with kids, helping them learn new things and grow from their experiences. I have been in many shows and have had professional dance training in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Manahawkin, New Jersey as-well as Houston, Texas. Some of you may know but we recently moved to NJ and that has really opened "A Whole New World" to me, I am so thankful to have all my friends and teachers that have made me who I am today. I have been with mindsteward from the very start, and some would say that this camp was even based around my family and our needs. I have seen this camp grow from the 13 kids that were in the very first one to now almost hitting 100!! I hope I will always be able to bring "The sunny side to every situation" as they said in my last show 42nd Street!😎😎

Naomi Link


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