Our Mind Stewards

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Joanne Link

Founder & Company Steward

Joanne Link started a piano and violin studio when she was 17 years old and today is developing Mind Steward into a company that helps families discover the fantastic impact arts education has on a young mind. 


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Peter Lee

Piano Steward

Peter Winter Lee brings a decade of teaching experience to Mind Steward. He is a firm believer in the face value of learning an instrument, as well as the skills of discipline and motivation that are gained in the process.



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Heather Daniels-Rosenblatt

Director of Pedagogy & Scholarship

Heather Daniels-Rosenblatt is a middle orchestra director at Cold Stone Harbor and chooses our musical each year and figures out the best curriculum solutions for Mindsteward Kids Theater camp students.

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Carolina Harvey

Director of Robotics

Carolina Harvey is the owner of Cure the Clutter, which is the official organization company of Mind Steward. Carolina also runs our robotics department at Mindsteward Kids Theater Camp, overseeing the main robot from concept and design to engineering it live on stage!

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