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summer 2020



Leonardo DaVinci. Albert Einstein. Benjamin Franklin. Galileo. Some of the greatest minds of all time, responsible for the most important scientific innovations—were also painters, musicians, and poets. From antiquity, classical education has included both the sciences and the arts, with phenomenal results. In more recent history, neuroscience has proven the left-brain/right-brain dominance theories to be a myth: the two hemispheres of the brain actually work together in all cognitive tasks. So the human brain is not either logical or creative. . .it is both.  








At Mind Steward, we are committed to the idea that when STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math) are taught within the context of the arts, the imprint on a child’s mind is longer lasting, and that these disciplines should not be separate, but intertwined. Our revolutionary summer program provides your child a rich learning experience through educational courses paired with a two-week theater arts production, fusing elements of the sciences and the arts together in an atmosphere of fun.  


Whether it is traditional math and reading, athletics, robotics, visual arts, onstage/backstage theater, or any of our other sixteen offerings, your camper will have choices that stimulate their minds and capture their interests. The wide range of classes will culminate in a community performance of Disney's Aladdin Dual Language Edition  Will your child enjoy building a robotic character, working behind the scenes, or auditioning for the lead? Steward your child's mind well this summer with Mind Steward's STEAM Summer Camp. 



"The greatest scientists are always artists as well." Einstein



At the age of fourteen, Leonardo Da Vinci began an apprenticeship to one of the highly successful art masters in the heart of Florence, Italy. The next few years gained him experience, skill mastery, freedom to experiment with various techniques, and professional confidence. By the age of twenty, Leonardo had gained enough knowledge and expertise to qualify as a master in his own right.







Today, the Renaissance tradition continues through internship. Mind Steward offers both paid and unpaid intern positions to young adults thirteen and up during our two-week STEAM Summer Camp. Theater Interns and Junior Interns lead campers in an energetic and thoughtful way towards the goals that the artistic director is pursuing. They gain on-the-job training in their field of interest, coaching in professional “soft skills” like business etiquette and communication, a network of mentors and peers, and letters of recommendation for college or job applications, plus more.


Wondering how to follow in the footsteps of DaVinci? Click below to find out!

"The expert in anything was once a beginner." Helen Hayes

Each Camper Chooses

1 of 4 Majors


3 of 16 Electives

Instrumental Music
tune | tone | play
Baseball with Masterful Mechanics
pitch | field | home run
Board Games
chess | jenga | checkers
Stage Craft
lights | sound | set
Private Tutoring
reading | math | learn
softball | baseball | gaga
pirouette | plié | 5678
design | build | create
Harrisburg Gymnastics School
tumble | balance | flip
Visual Art
paint | cut | create
build | code | control
Musical Theater
sing | dance | act