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“STEM subjects taught within the context of the arts create a lasting imprint on a child’s mind.”


Joanne Link | Founder & Company Steward


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Mind Steward


Year round, Mind Steward creates and executes programs in visual arts, performing arts, instrumental music lessons and internships.  


We specialize in the youngest of the young, having violin students as young as 2 years old and putting Pre-K students into full scale productions and performance opportunities.

We’ve designed a revolutionary Mindsteward Kids Theater: The Complete Theater Experience. A customized schedule for each camper is the heartbeat of what we do.


This year’s camp is just around the corner, June 21 - July 2, 2021 to be produced in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  There is no other camp like this that fully integrates each camper's gift into a collaborative project: Disney’s Aladdin KIDS! 

Do you have a programming idea?  We thrive on the need and ideas of our community of artists.  Join us.  Kickstart more minds into arts-education action. 

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