the success and well-being of children in the greater Harrisburg area. Research has shown that arts education is the vital link to developing young minds and accelerating future achievement. As founder of Mind Steward, I have over 20 years of experience in elevating the potential of our next generation through youth arts programming.


— Joanne Link,

Company Steward & Founder

Mind Steward has always offered quality arts education to the public. But now, we’ve designed a revolutionary summer camp based on STEAM (STEM+Arts) principles. 

This year’s camp is just around the corner, July 8th—19th. We couldn’t be more excited as we plan to serve over 100 youth and present Disney’s The Jungle Book KIDS!


In the spirit of this lively production, will you help us steward campers’ minds by sponsoring a character level? Sponsorship will support our scholarship opportunities through Activity Hero and build more summer arts programming.

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