The parent pictured is bonding with and teaching her daughter. Joanne Link facilitates this process and trains the parent to be the home teacher along side teaching the student. Parents must attend the lesson and be active participants.


30 Minute Private Lesson with Mrs. Link + 10 minutes of technology time learning rhythm, piano skills, and note reading.  Please arrive 10 minutes early for technology time.


Joanne Link gives private instrumental instruction that meets each student musician exactly where he or she is, in right-brain education and left-brain education. Mind Steward offers violin and viola instruction within this context. Registering for private instruction will give a student the most comprehensive form of music education that Mind Steward offers, with maximum benefit experienced when combined with group classes, recitals, and community performances.


Levels and Private Lesson Protocol for Violin & Viola

  • Pre-Twinkle

    • We teach the Suzuki method which originated in Japan.  Dr. Suzuki believed that any child can learn to play music just as each child speaks in his or her native tongue.  If a child listens to excellent music from birth, he or she will be able to replicate the music with excellent instruction and repetition.    

    • Note Reading

      A common complaint of the method is that it does not teach note reading.  As it turns out, all Japanese children learn to read music in school so Dr. Suzuki did not incorporate this aspect into the method.

      We teach note reading once the student is able to hold the instrument and play the Twinkle Variations with good technique.

      Children must listen to the music at home ahead of time until the music is stuck in their mind and heart to achieve this.   

  • Twinkle Graduates

    • After a student graduates from the twinkles and can hold the instrument confidently, the lessons change to this model:

    • 75% of the lesson, right brain education

    • Ear and Musicality Training with Suzuki Repertoire

      • Playing the Suzuki Music in book order

      • Daily listening to the CDs

    • Technique and Posture Training

      • Body Posture

      • Bow hold

      • Bow placement

      • Instrument placement

      • Muscles and tendons moving without tension

    • Shifting and Vibrato

      • Shifting in scales is learned towards the end of book 1.

      • Students will play with better hand position in the higher positions.

      • This leads to vibrato technique, when the hand and arm are free of tension.  

  • 25% of the lesson, left brain left brain education

    • Note reading

    • Rhythm training with repertoire in this order

      • I Can Read Music

      • Essential Elements 2000 Book 1

      • Essential Elements 2000 Book 2

      • Solos and Etudes Kjos. This book has the solos for Dauphin County Elementary County Orchestra Auditions (4th-6th grade)

      • Solos for Young Violinists or Solos for Young Violists. This book contains some repertoire for Dauphin County Jr. High County Orchestra Auditions (7th-9th grade)

Students who have started elsewhere

  • We will continue with the student’s current programming and help draft new goals.
  • We encourage students to audition for local orchestras.

  • We will thread in ear training and teaching techniques from Dr. Suzuki's philosophy to give a well rounded music education.  

Home Expectation Practice Model:

  • Warm up

  • Review songs (play songs already known)

  • Working piece (new piece or section of music)

  • Polishing piece (refining a piece for performance)

  • Note Reading

Thursdays 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM Violin or Viola Private Lesson

  • This payment holds your spot for September 2018 - May 2019 scheduled lesson days.  


    Future Payment: 

    You may pay up until the time of each scheduled lesson via check, cash, or paypal  


    You may request an invoice to pay multiple lessons in advance. 

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