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Mindsteward Classic

March 27, 2023

What goes on with the teenage mind? Whatever the answer is, we hope to steward it.

We hope to stimulate excitement to accomplish an inspirational performance that pulls in education of an art form and performs for the next generation: Mindsteward Classic Showcase.

We want to give teens the opportunity to manage an event, learn a niche area of the theater, and also hone their own skills in performance or articulated artistry. We present: Mindsteward Classic: Learn, Perform, Inspire.

Imagine a world where each corner had a tiny pop-up artist studio: singers, dancers, visual artists, robotic engineers actively creating on tiny stages throughout a younger person’s camp. The teens the campers look up to will be practicing classic techniques from classic musicals and art forms. The teens in our camp, let’s call them interns. The interns and visiting-artist teachers will collaborate and work on a show-stopping performances, learn the backstory, tell the story, and make the classics relevant to the next generation and the community.

We wouldn’t want any teens graduating High School without a beat in 2/4 by Jerry Herman, the clear soaring voices in a Rogers and Hammerstein musical, the diversity of Andrew Lloyd Webber, and all the stories that kicked the last century of theater into the limelight.

Join us this year as we calculate these concepts into the rhythm of Mindsteward Kids Theater camp. Classically.

Apply to intern Here or checkout for more camp info!

Have a musical day!

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