Viola & Violin Lessons

Joanne Link and Mary-Clare Lee offer positive, motivating violin and viola lessons using the Suzuki method for ages 3 and up. The Suzuki method originated in Japan. Dr. Shinichi Suzuki believed that all children can learn to play music, just as they learn to speak in their native tongue. If a child listens to excellent music, he or she will be able to replicate the music with excellent instruction and repetition.

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Pre-Twinkle Level

At this stage, we teach positioning: how to stand, how to hold the violin, and so on. This stage is physical preparation for the Twinkle Level. Students must listen to the music at home, until it is firmly fixed in their hearts and minds.

Twinkle Level

At this stage, students begin playing by ear, as we teach them 6 different variations of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." A common complaint of the Suzuki method is that it does not teach note reading. As it turns out, all Japanese children learn to read music in school, so Dr. Suzuki did not incorporate this aspect. At Mind Steward, we teach note reading once the student is able to hold the instrument and play the Twinkle Variations with proper technique.

Twinkle Graduates

After a student graduates from the Twinkle Level and can hold the instrument confidently, the lesson model shifts as follows:


75% of lesson

is spent on ear and musicality training with Suzuki repertoire including playing the Suzuki music in book order, technique and posture training

25% of lesson

is spent on note reading and rhythm training

Transfer Students

If a student comes from another learning curriculum, such as a school-based, note-reading program, we will continue with the current programming and help draft new goals.We will incorporate ear training and the techniques from Dr. Suzuki's philosophy to provide a well-rounded music education.


We encourage students to audition for local orchestras. We will do our best to keep abreast of audition requirements, but it is up to the family to confirm what's needed and to register the student. This is sometimes done through the school's orchestra director, but never through Mind Steward. 

Piano Lessons

Peter Lee has a vibrant and systematic approach to piano.  As a successful performer and composer, he incorporates both classical training and the fundamentals of playing all genres.    
Upon the first lesson, Peter Lee will indicate which musical repertoire, specially chosen for the student, will be utilized. The chosen system will include note reading. Students will learn scales and chords, giving them the ability to play versatile genres of music once note reading and basic technique are established.

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Vocal Lessons

Mary-Teresa Lee’s customized model and encouraging teaching style improve tone, pitch, and clarity of any voice. Her voice program focuses on helping young children develop stage presence skills, such as proper stance, vocal and visual focus, and performance etiquette. She builds a repertoire of individualized songs that fit each student’s vocal range and provides a CD accompaniment for home practice.  

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Cello Lessons

Luke Lee focuses on all concepts of playing cello, from holding the instrument, holding the bow, and bowing to learning the fundamentals of music theory, rhythm, and intonation.

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