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“STEM subjects taught within the context of the arts create a lasting imprint on a child’s mind.”


Joanne Link | Founder & CEO


Mindsteward Kids Theater Camp


The Complete Theater Experience

Our 2-week Arts Summer Camp combines fun and educational “majors” and “electives” into a 30-minute musical theater production. How do we do it? 

Your camper chooses 1 major and 3 electives. Each camp day consists of 2 hours of the major in the morning and 2 hours of 3 electives in the afternoon. Electives may match the major for an all-day focus in 1 discipline. The time between classes is used for team-building activities, character development activities, lunch, and clubs.

The Mind Steward team creatively weaves every class into the musical theater production. Robotics creations are projected onstage as characters, gymnastics students catapult onto the scene as animals, instrumental music students play in the orchestra, and the list goes on.  

This year, we’re excited to present a language immersion class!

This year’s production is Disney’s Aladdin KIDS, and we can’t wait to bring your child into “A Whole New World” with us!




• Theater Arts On Stage

• Theater Arts Back Stage

• Visual Arts

• Robotics


• Acting

• Ballet with Pennsylvania Regional Ballet
• Baseball with Masterful Mechanics
• Book Club

• Dance
• Gymnastics 
with Harrisburg Gymnastics School

• Instrumental Music
• Legos
• Math and/or Reading Tutoring
• Robotics

• Sewing

• Stage Crew
• Visual Arts

• Weaving



Entering K - Entering 8th Grade Campers
HS & College Internships

Camp Dates

June 21 – July 2, 2021

Before Care 7am

After Care 3-6pm

Tentative Location


Harrisburg, PA


July 1-2

11 am and 7 pm

$5 per seat

Each camper receives 4 complimentary tickets. Additional tickets available for purchase.


Placeholder $50 (this amount will count towards camp tuition)

Camp Choices

2-week full time: $400

2-week morning only: $250 (One 2 hour class)

A la carte per course:

$100 per elective, each meets at least 7 times

A la carte per class: $12 per class per day

“My daughter goes to a school camp every day for a month, but we always end that one early so she can go to Mind Steward’s camp. This is our priority during summer.”


Maria Mendy | Parent 


I was pleasantly surprised at the ease at which my kids performed by the end of 2 weeks.They did so well, they made new friends, they were in positive company. I would say it exceeded my expectations.”


Emily High | Parent



for High School & College Students


We offer both paid and unpaid intern positions to young adults 13 and up during our 2-week STEM+Arts Summer Camp.


Theater Interns and Junior Interns lead campers in an energetic and thoughtful way toward the goals the artistic director is pursuing. They gain on-the-job training in their field of interest, coaching in business etiquette and communication, a network of mentors and peers, and letters of recommendation for college or job applications.

To be considered for an internship position, email a letter of interest to AND register: 


"My experience as a Mind Steward intern was priceless. The level of commitment Joanne Link and the entire staff put into every aspect of production is to be praised. I had the chance to hone my skills in numerous areas, from directing to social media management. It's an opportunity that all high schoolers should take advantage of, because no matter what you’re interested in, a Mind Steward internship has something for you.” 

- Caleb Steindel | Mind Steward Theater Intern